Geng Yang Metal generally represents hard unbendable metal such as iron which can be made into weapons, knife, sword and ax. Xin Yin metal on the other hand, represents soft metal such as precious gold and silver. In season, Metal element represents autumn.

If a Geng DM is strong,  it needs yin fire Ding to transform the raw metal to useful weapons or tools and Jia wood to serve its purpose.  If a Geng DM is weak, it needs earth and metal for strength and dislikes strong fire to melt the metal or deep earth to bury it.

If a Xin DM is strong, it loves water to cleanse it so it can shine. If a Xin DM is weak, it needs balanced wet earth (the key here is not too much earth) and friend stars for support. Unlike Geng Yang metal, Xin Yin metal generally likes balanced water and dislikes Ding fire despite its strengh.  If Geng or Xin DM is born in winter, it will be best to have Bing sun for warmth.

In general, metal symbolizes justice, righteousness. Similarly Geng metal people tend to be just, firm and stubborn. They are single minded and once they make a decision, nothing will stop them from pursuing it. They love challenges and fight for the right cause. Having a purpose is most important for Geng DMs. Strong Geng people tend to have unhappy experiences. Compared to Geng people, Xin DMs are less stubborn and more refined. Xin people tend to be attractive and have good social skills.

In Health, Geng represents large intestine and Xin represents lung