Ren Yang water generally represents large bodies of water such as ocean, sea, rivers and lakes all of which are vital for survival of all species . Gui Yin water on the other hand, represents dews, mist and rain which give life to all living things. In season, water element represents winter.

If the qi of Ren DM is strong,  it needs strong Yang earth Wu to contain the water so it can be used for various purposes and to prevent flooding or Jia Yang wood to balance the strong water.  If the qi of Ren DM is weak, it needs its resource metal and companion  water elements to support it. It is inauspicious for a weak Ren DM to have strong Wu earth and Jia wood in the Bazi chart

If the qi of Gui DM is strong, it will be most auspicious to have Yang Wood Jia or Yang earth Wu present in the natal chart. If the qi of Gui DM is weak, it needs Yang meta Geng and friend stars for support. It is inauspicious for a weak Gui DM to have strong Bing fire in the natal chart.

If Ren or Gui DM is born in winter, it will be best to have Bing sun for warmth.

In general, water symbolizes wisdom and intelligence.  Similarly well balanced water people tend to be very smart, sharp minded and resourceful. While Ren water people are generally extroverted, magnanimous and responsible. They also possess good problem solving skills and prefer constant moving than stay still. Gui people on the other hand are generally introverted, emotional, imaginative and sensitive. Because of the nourishing nature of rain,  Gui people tend to be great listeners and friends when needed.

In Health, Ren represents bladder and Gui represents kidney.