Removal 除 Day (New day starts at 11pm, not midnight).

Auspicious Activities:

  • Religious Spiritual activities
  • Medical treatment/procedure
  • Cleansing

Inauspicious Activities:

  • Burial
  • Wedding /engagement
  • Digging grave
  • Business opening
  • Move-in
  • Trade

Auspicious hours:  23-1am , 3am-5am, 9am-11am, 3pm-7pm

In general, dragon, dog and rabbit people need to lay low and not conduct important tasks. Monkey, rat and rooster people will have smoother day (It may vary based on each person's favorable elements)

Auspicious direction: – God of Wealth: N– Location for better wealth luck – Happy Spirit: SE–Location for romance – God of Noble: NE–Location for finding help/benefactor - Lively Door: W -An auspicious door in QMDJ

Inauspicious direction:

  • San Sha/Three killing: S (no digging)
  • Fetal God(protector of fetus): S - Do not disturb or use sharp objects (scissor or knife)if the female of the household is pregnant.

Monthly flying Star:

  • Auspicious stars:  8  (E), 9 (SE), 1 (Center)
  •  Inauspicious stars: Star 2 (NW), 5 (S)